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Once Utopia




In everyone's heart, it was once utopia.
Asking the eternal question,
"Would it ever happen again?"
The sharp jolt, the rolling motion,
Houses descend in the shattered Earth,
From high places to concrete ground, we fall.
 Perhaps, a magic trick could help us levitate.
All is heard: Screech, holler, squeal,
All is seen, Frank blood trailed to the
Dusted street, and pieces of human body-
as though they being devoured by Mother nature.
 Fear in our eyes, fear in our hearts,
Consumed every fiber of our beings
The cold hands of death reaching out
To grab us one by one.
Oh-- old grim glorified...
 Some exclaimed,
"Hell is on Earth!"
and others said,
"Mother Nature is in chaos!"
they all plead for redemption,
 "One last chance to make it right,"
People uttered
"Our Utopia is destroyed"
All we need now is a panacea.
  2011_Patricia Etienne
 All rights reserved



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Once Utopia



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