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 Reflections of My Heart

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Chapter 76 ~ The Buzzard's Plea

The Buzzard's Plea
The Escape ~ Part Two
 Chapter 76

The Buzzards Plea 

Take these chains from my matted feathers and set me free
For my new cell mate Mr. Bubba, has love in his eyes for me
I use soap on a rope, always stand straight and tall
But have you ever taken a shower, with your back to the wall
I plead with you sir and The Great Buzzard Board
To free me from the Mouth, don't let her keep me anymore
I have been shot down, locked up and used as gator bait
So please sir, free this buzzard before it is too late

Witnesses's?? No sir, I have not even one
The Ed family, even took off on the dead run
Their afraid of the Mouth sir, yes each and every one
Tager Lily tried to free me, gave me a ride with the Eds mum
The Mouth had me back in jail, yes before the next morning sun

Fly bye?? Yes sir I did fly bye, but never did I land
I was shot down sir, by the Mouth of the Souths hand
I was then locked up sir, in this damp dark southern jail
The Mouth sir, she even burnt off, my wonderful buzzard tail
If I may say so sir, in this jail of the Mouths, there is no food
I almost ate my friend the rat sir, sorry sir, I didn't mean to be rude

The Mouths Great Gold pen?? I was just taking a look sir
I would never ever steal it , just a little peak, this I do assure
The Mouth she does wield that pen, with her great talents untold
But that doesn't prove I was stealing it sir, if I may be so bold

In closing sir, may I say many thanks goes out to you,
for your time in coming to hear my plea
My thanks to all who sit on The Great Buzzard Board,
please sir sincerely send this from me
Would it be to much to ask, for a burger run before you go
My next meal sir, when I get it, no one will ever know
Thank my friend the rat sir, for getting my note to you
If you can sir, send thanks to Tager Lilly,
for escapes from here are very few
If by chance on your way out sir, Edvard you happen to see
Give him a good slap, in the back of the head from me
He seems to have been influenced by the Mouth
Help for me from him, will be slim no doubt

That Mr Ed and the mutts I never hear from
I think from the Mouth, he will always be on the run
Let him know sir, that I sure do understand
But it would have been nice, to have gotten a hand
Please sir if you see AspiringAngel and her truck
Let the air out of her tires, so here she too can be stuck
But I do hope the Mouth, will feed her while she's here
Aspiring Angel with this, I do wish you good luck my dear

Rep for The Buzzard Board
OK OK Mr. Buzzard!!!
The Buzzard Board does see why the Mouth, let the poor rat go
Staying here with you, would sure not be humane you know
You have gone on and on Mr. buzzard, a mile a minute
There's no room I would stay in, if you were in it
So if you promise Mr. Buzzard, to stop talking so
I will grant your pardon, on the condition
that far away from me you go
Good day Mr. Buzzard and good luck!
The Buzzard Board
Buzzards Pardon Granted

The Great Canadian Buzzard
© Copyright 10 / 2009
All rights Reserved
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