"Finally Fed Up!"

Funny how things happen,I thought you were the one that I could confide in but,yet the real
you showed up,
Hanging out late with your friends not thinking about coming home.
Yeah,I'm all too familiar with poppa the rolling stone.
You took me on a ride that I really wasn't ready for.
I'm tired of you abusing my trust so now I'm showing you the door.
Yeah I was weak and yeah I too was a sucker for Love.
Not anymore,You took advantage of my kindness,loyalty,and my feelings,not to mention my trust.
It's all good cause at least you knew I cared.
I showed the Love no other woman could I'm fine being single....Yes I'm good,
Tired of carrying you and the drama your family would bring.
I'm laughing cause without me you are nothing.
Like my girl Fantasia said "I'm doing me!"
You would never have the chance to have control over me.
I'll miss you in my own sick way,but this is my Independence day.
Now that I finally got that off my chest,I feel better no more stress.

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`Finally Fed Up!`

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