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 Shadow of the Jungle

Thinking back to those days spent in Vietnam;
So young, too young; we were just simply serving.
The Lords of Freedom called their names to fight;
Men dying, too many dying, shadow of the jungles.

Most of them returned home to their families;
 Embraced by mother, father, sisters, brothers.
All battle scars cannot be seen by human eyes;
Too often they see the shadow of the jungles.

Restless years pass pushing aside memories;
The battle, the death, the chemicals inhaled.
Those awful dreams still come on certain nights;
Bullets and shrapnel fly, shadow of the jungles.

I'm thinking tonight of a man lost, a friend's brother;
Allen is a Marine; he served with dignity and with honor.
Six years ago passing from cancer, ignited by Agent Orange;
A man dying, too many men dying; shadow of the jungles.

Gentle memories of a loving man are left as his legacy;
Centering his love on his family and his twin granddaughters.
Taken at 57; it was too soon, too soon, much too soon…
No longer is he chased by the shadow of the jungles.

On March 12th of this year, I will remember his love;
Another birthday has come, but Allen now has his peace.
Not wanting to leave, but he was called, just simply serving;
How many more will be chased by the shadow of the jungles?


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