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Bridge to nowhere

It's a strange place to live
My old hometown;
Sometimes it's so quiet
You think it's closed down,
Nestling on the river
As though it isn't there
Just down the road
From the bridge to nowhere.

We're a quiet breed of folk
Not the type to form mobs
As we speak our Yorkie twang
With barely opened gobs.
We endured the blitz
And with spirit survived
And at times it true to say
We even nearly thrived

Up here in the north
Providing cheapo fish
Even today probably
The nation's favourite dish.
Things changed for the worse
When we lost the cod war
And as time went on
We lost more and more.

Just for a little while
We filled one of our dreams,
A premier league club to go with
Our two top rugby league team.
But now there seems to be hope
For down by the new docks
Maybe wind turbines'll be built
To be exported through the new locks.

Promises always promises
But this time they may be true:
Maybe this city won't be just the place
The Motorway doesn't quite go to;
Because to win an election
They spent the money elsewhere
To plan and build instead
That bloody bridge to nowhere.

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Bridge to nowhere