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The old church bell rings midnight hour.
So abrupt this visitor plunges into her body,
with no formal invitation,
No friendly welcome,
This thing, possess her mind.
The apprehensive feeling,
Dreadful thoughts,
As it has been doing to others for a while already,
It weighs heavily on her shoulders.
Attempt to turn her against forty.
Through much endeavor she stands by forty.
Forty will, forty be,
Can't ever be defeated,
A beautiful moment,
Independent alive,
Be proud of it.
Crossing over the hilll?
Crazy, ridiculous, cannot be associated with forty.
Her mind is too sharp for she takes no nonsense.
Can she be downcast?
Absolutely not, for she rules the game.
Stand by forty she's very well sure of herself.
Spur of the moment?
Certainly not, profoundly grounded,
Emotionally adequate with making decision,
Dissatisfaction ignores?
Goals and strategies are being adjusted.
Sided forty, a very good decision be.
A woman, who comes to be erupted like a volcano,
The youth waves so high and forever is in spirit.
Just as sexy and beautiful,
Forty now is a new thirty turns.
Love and attracted by many youngins,
She follows her own path.
Wisdom rise like crytal stones
Not afraid to voice her concerns,
No intimidation, determine rules,
Sure of the equality that sustains her relationship.
With mind, body and spirit,
The bucket will forever overflow.
Just another day,
An extra candle light,
The rules of life continue to wheel.
Turning forty is like laying another egg in the nest

© 2011 by _Patricia Etienne
All rights reserved

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