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Mobile Phone Blues

This train is so crowded,
Just half the length it should be,
Passengers for six coaches
Just crammed into three.
This bloke standing near me,
I'm starting to hate his guts,
Imagining the joy of
A knee sunk in his nuts.

For he's on his mobile phone,
I assume talking to his wife,
Loudly telling all of
The joys of his life.
He has a second phone
In his other hand
At the same time rattling out
Texts to those in cyber land.

At Selby the train half empties
And at last we have a seat;
After a day's shopping
Nice to rest the feet.
And Gobby's put his phones away
To bore this squaddie on a forty eight
About the joys of National Service
For him and his old mates.

Does he ever shut up
Ever rest that voice
Seemingly unconnected to a brain
Just a source of constant noise?
The train's on the station
And thank the lord for us
He's gone off by car
And not catching our bus.

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Mobile Phone Blues