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Rejuvenation ii

Bransholme on the outskirts,
Estate the size of a small town,
Now place of empty spaces where
Areas have been pulled down
To leave expanses of grass,
Blocks boarded up in disrepair,
An exercise in re housing that
To many caused much despair.

the old terraced streets
once throbbing with life
replaced by straggling roads
and industrial unit sites
no thought seemingly given
to modernise and renew
just clearance plans
being pushed through
with communities lost
friendships destroyed
rehousing teams
being deployed
clearing the area
with seemingly little thought
for the loneliness and misery
some separations brought
the new road by the river
linking and by passing it all
at peak times a nightmare
being built far too small

Bransholme on the outskirts
So easy to wander and get lost
As many a new visitor
Found out to their cost.
If you demolish a community
Is it too much to expect
To provide a replacement
With consideration and respect.

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Rejuvenation ii