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There's been times in our lives where we changed our minds
For some reason we had changed our plans at the last second
From what we had intended to do and did something different

Some people call it a premonition or some say it was fate
Whereby this last second change may have saved your life
Maybe it kept you from where you had intended to be at

We can't always understand why or even explain the reason
But for some unknown reason whether fate or even destiny
That last second change you had made had saved your life

My grandson was up in his bedroom playing a video game
His father had gone out with his uncle to a hockey game
My daughter had to run to the store for some groceries

She called up to him asking did he want to go with her
He said no that he was right in the middle of his game
Most 14 year old guys don't want to tag along with mom

So as she was ready to leave she told him to be careful
But as she opened the front door he yelled wait I'll go
He couldn't explain it but suddenly he decided he'd go

They all had been living in a very nice home they rented
Close to the lake down the street it was perfect for them
It had been refurbished before they had rented the home

But it turned out that the landlord took some shortcuts
He hired an unqualified electrician to add some plugs
They had been wired in with the wrong gage sized wire

It eventually caused a bad fire while they had been gone
My grandson's last second change of plans saved his life
The fire quickly spread blocking the stairway to his room

We have all thanked God that for whatever reason he did
That my grandson had left to go to the store with his mom
Sadly their two cats and two dogs didn't survive the fire

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior - all rights reserved.

Many of their friends along with many of my friends here at
and especially my fellow Security Police Veterans from our Vietnam Security
Police Association have sent my daughter Amy and her family very generous
donations, many prayers, words of comfort and they've also donated to the
fund raising groups who have set up events to help raise funds to assist her,
Rick and Dakota to get clothes and other items needed to help them get back
on their feet and assist them to find another home to rent and furnishing for it.
They've gone from being shocked and devastated over the loss of their pets
and all of their worldly possessions to being totally amazed by how quickly all
of their friends, coworkers, family and our friends and our relatives who have
along with the community in general have all worked so hard to put together
all of these events to help them especially in this very poor economy we all are
dealing with. They are so appreciative of every ones efforts and want all of you
to know they thank you all from the bottom of their hearts and souls and also
how in just one week everyone had taken them from despair and heartbreak
and have once again given them hope and are putting all of their faith in God
that he will assist them back to their feet. Please also remember to pray and
help in anyway that you can those who were made homeless by all of those
terrible tornado's and floods over the past few weeks. May God Bless You All!  

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