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the search

it's more than a little exciting
with a new internet friend
the mental speculation as to
where that friendship may end
like a newly wrapped parcel
there to open and discover
how far will it get
will they become  lovers
after hours of talk to learn
each other's likes and needs
will those online conversations
sow sufficient seeds

will they see each other
will there be a meeting
or will the online talk
be just brief and fleeting
the excitement of the chase
that makes the hopes rise
of being in the other's company
trying to read signs from eyes
is there any chance
any indication showing
of body meeting body
in that ultimate of knowing

or maybe one day
one just doesn't reply
there is no more contact
no matter how the other  tries
the parcel stays wrapped
the contents undisclosed
and why it all stops
only one party knows
for no apparent reason
one has abruptly gone
the search for a friend
goes on and on and on

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the search