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Boy were we wrong
Once dreaming of princess cut diamonds
And competing for first place.
Finding boys in churches
And dating them for too long--
Not trusting our gut instincts
(instead relying on insecurities and
misjudgments of time)
but trust me girl,
There are gentleman out there who
Look for the girls like us
(The ones that curl their eyelashes
Yet know how to read and write too)
No trailer trash junkies or country-rock lovin'-
-simple minded folk with eyes as boring as their words…
the guys outside say they will
"show you the world"
Charming the ladies
and treating the ladies like gentlemen should
…. loving you like a man loves a woman….
takin' you to the city and dining you at places like Japonais
--They're not like these guys,
the guys in this lifeless town who
belong to the  brotherhood of Applebees;
smokin' cigarettes and
keepin' toothpicks in their pockets…
Now that you've stepped out,
we'll both turn our heads back
we'll blow kisses goodbye
we'll laugh at all the little girls that get swooped away
by these mundane (and empty) souls
and then we'll slip on our stilettos and
we'll give our best runway walk – never turning back.

FOR BLIND © Dayna Elizabeth 2011

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