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I'm telling you there's nothing
The union will do.
You may be in our union but,
we don't want your sort,
on the grip you see.
We don't like grip men.
Only way is, to do as we say.
How do I live,can't survive your way?
Knuckle the forelock,
that's Union ways, not our way.

We are the new breed of working man,
standing our ground.
Fighting for the right to a decent life.
The union man can't understand,
union rate no good, we negotiate higher rate.  

We are the UNION. Together we are strong.
Then fight for our rights.
Can't, you are hard working men
On the lump we disagree with you.

Northern union won't tolerate you
Stand down or stand alone.
Stand alone:- We always have said I.

No different now said I.
We work, and lose but,
Never bow down.
You say we're wrong.

Represent us, no way said he
You lot are not union men,
Hard working guys, and we won't
Be a part of you, okay said I.

We'll walk this road ALONE.
The UNION, Blues played out.
The only sound we hear said I
Is, the defaming sound of silence
from, the UCAT union rooms.

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