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War is a terrible thing to those involved in it
For those fighting one it's a very serious thing
Death quickly strikes at any second day or night

It has left many of us with memories for life
No matter how well prepared you may be for it
When the first rounds impact it's very scary

Having said all of that then I must say this
It was not at all like how movies portray it
There were light moments too where we had fun

You invented ways to lighten up the tension
And playing practical jokes on others helped
For a minute or two you could forget the war

We had what we called 90 day wonders in war
They were college kids wet behind their ears
They had no worldly experiences to speak of

Plucked fresh from their college graduations
In 90 days the Air Force made them officers
Second Lieutenants with polished gold bars

They thought they knew everything but didn't
In a combat zone saluting can get you killed
The enemy snipers loved such easy targets

So us seasoned veterans played jokes on them
Not to say we didn't show them respect at all
But it could be fun to see how they reacted  

One of our favorite pranks to pull on them
Was to coil up a dead cobra or another snake
Just outside of the latrine he'd entered in

A minute or two later we heard the screams
As another new lieutenant came face to face
With what he perceived to be a live snake

We made sure we were never caught in the act
But then the look on their face was priceless
It was just a little welcome to our war thing

But at the same time it gave us enlisted guys
A very funny and a very well earned laugh too
We never did get in any trouble with our pranks

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior - all rights reserved.

Most of the pranks that we pulled were taken in good nature as
they knew it was just our way of accepting them as one of us in
our warrior family and they usually took it in stride and they
eventually laughed as well at the prank that we pulled on them,
although there were a couple of them who did take awhile longer
to come around and laugh too.

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