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In tribute to our fallen warriors who throughout our history have
answered the call to defend our nation and other nations in their
most darkest hours. Thank God our nation has always had the brave
young men and women who were willing to risk their lives so that
we could live our lives in peace.

We'll always be a strong nation unless we forget who gave us the
freedom and safety we have today,  it was due to those who were
willing to face the dangers and the hardships of war and who have
bought and paid for your freedom with their blood, sweat and tears
with many courageous and brave acts of selflessness.

These young people put the lives of others before their own lives as
they have served our nation and our citizens. These sacrifices they've
made for others will never be taken for granted or forgotten by any of
us their fellow warriors and brothers in arms. Have you forgotten who
paid for the freedom and rights that you and your famiy's enjoy?

God bless the peacekeepers of the past,  especially those serving now
to protect our nation and all of us and our freedom as they face many
dangers and let us never forget all those who went to the far ends of
the earth before them and fought and died to preserve our safety and
 freedom so your kids and grandkids can live in peace and safety.  

Many former warriors are still suffering to this day from wounds and
illnesses visible to everyone and many have the psychological wounds
unseen by others from the battles  they fought to protect and defend
you and your family and our allies and their own citizens freedom.
Freedom is never free and many have paid the ultimate price for you.

There is a very hallowed place outside of Washinton DC where our
country has buried many of our nations many brave and courageous
warriors who have fought for our nation throughout our own history
some are very famous, but most are everyday citizens who put their
own lives on hold and enlisted to defend us, it's called Arlington.

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior -  all rights reserved.

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