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poetry please

she used to recite poetry to me
while  making love cowgirl style
chanting TS Elliott's Macavity
wearing nothing but a smile
its hard to appreciate the words
with breasts before your eyes
and your body being gripped
by soft warm controlling thighs

when she started on the wasteland
she would pick up speed and drive
thundering out his words
and i would brace to survive
as she screamed to the climax
like a banshee running wild
until her face relaxed with almost
the wonder of a happy happy child

the gentle word of Daffoldils
fluttering in their breezy weather
brought a much kinder ending
for us to gently share together
so many years passed since then
somehow we drifted apart
but  she and tha poetry still
hold a special place in my heart

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poetry please