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 Special Day with Blessings to Follow

One special day everyone has each year
Celebrated with family or friends dear
Day on earth we first began to exist
In God's image, by our parents assist

This year mine came last Sunday
With a pleasant surprise that day
After church invited out to eat
With friends, a very special treat

Given choice of three places to go
I said Golden Corral, enjoying it so
The food was great and we had fun
Even a laugh with blueberry pie pun

Week half over, but full of blessings
New agency, two interviews pressing
Each day with something to anticipate
Only God knows outcome at any rate

Monday, at the agency about three hours
Paperwork and written test, very thorough
Long-term AP temp to hire a possibility
Up to three weeks before its availability

Both interviews from applications online
God has given through His timing divine
One was Tuesday, the other will be today
I leave the results in His hands day by day

Birthday is the answer to the riddle posed
At the beginning of this poem composed
With faith in Jesus, I have more than one
Physical birth, spiritual only by God's Son

How many birthdays do you have, my friend?

Carol S. 6/8/11

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