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 {Up-Date}~*`MY SPECIAL WINGLESS ANGELS`*~* ~*10*JUNE*2011*~
{Up-Date}~*10*JUNE*2011*~ ~*~*~19*JUNE*2011~*~*~ `A Very Happy And Blessed Father's Day To The Gentlemen And To All Ladies, The Same Blessings To The Men In Your Lives! Amen! ***+*** ~*~*~*08*MAY*2011~*~*~ ``MOTHER'S DAY IS EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR`` 24/7/365 AND THEN SOME! "A Happy and Blessed `Mother's Day To All The Ladies` And to All Gentlemen, The Same Blessings To The Women In Your Lives! `Amen!` ***+*** "A MUST READ~YOU'LL BE GLAD YOU DID!" Click Here For Amazing Rendition Of `THE LORD'S PRAYER` `Circulated in email, By Our Very Own `Wingless Angel`SANDY`POETIC 2050` `Thank-You Sandy, I Pray This Amazing Prayer Travels Far and Wide! Touching As Many Lives As possible! *** *~*A SPECIAL NOTE*~*To Newcomers or Anyone Requesting Feedback, ...by Visiting Any One of Our '`Wingless Angels`', I Am Certain Your Visit Will Be Greatly Appreciated With A Courtesy Return If You Leave Your Site ID Along With Your Message... Hopefully This Plan Will Bear Fruit In Feedback Sharing... If You Also Wish Your Site To Be Included on Our `Wingless Angels List` Please Send Title Of Your Site In Feedback.. Thank-You! With God's Blessings! ~`Peace & Love`~ `Janie/mjfb1954` a.k.a.~`MJ`~ ~*`God Bless My Wingless Angels`*~ `MY FRIENDS ARE SPECIAL WINGLESS ANGELS WHEN I FALTER ALONG MY WAY THEY COME TO MY AID EACH DAY PROTECTING ME FROM DAILY HARM FOREVER THEY LEAD ME BY THE ARM I THANK GOD FOR MY FRIENDS SO TRUE WITHOUT THEM I WOULD NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO. `This is to all my `Special Friends` who are standing behind me, trusting in me and enjoying my poetry, I thank you all for your sweet, kind feedbacks, it is so very much appreciated! `It is always a `good idea` to stop every now and then, and smell the roses, along the way by showing love and appreciation to dear friends! God's Blessings to all ! `Much Love and Aloha, from my heart to you and yours!    `Redesigned:**2011* `Never Ending Circle Of Love` by:`Janie/mjfb1954` a.k.a.~'MJB'~ **************************** As An Appreciation Gesture for loyal feedback givers of My Wingless Angels, ......I will be including Sites for you to visit in my future up dating of poem postings: ************ Please Visit The Site Of A Very Dear Friend of Wingless Angels, `POETIC 2050` Click Here To Visit Sandy's Most Endearing Site `POETIC VERSES`~*`BY SANDY `POETIC 2050`* *** `IN ADDITION` *** Please Visit The Patriotic Site~Of ALWAYS`A`WARRIOR, `Also A Dear Friend of Wingless Angels,`~ Click Here To Visit `TERRY SASEK` Patriotic Site of Honoring Veterans`: `ALWAYS`A`WARRIOR~*VIETNAM VETERAN`~ By TERRY SASEK` *** `WELCOME TO `CARLA`~`DRIZZLE`OF`THOUGHTS`~ AS ONE OF OUR NEWER WINGLESS ANGELS! `Please Visit Her Rising Star Site by clicking here: *~`DRIZZLEOFTHOUGHTS`~By CARLA M HAZE* *** ***+*** `Noting that Wingless Angels Sent You~` Thanks`~`Take Care With God's Blessings! Having A Beautiful, Blessed Day! *** ******************** `My Previous Visit Site Requests` *** *~`DREAMWEAVER`~*DREAMLAND`~By KRIS/DREAMWEAVER`~ *** `FLOWINGHEART~*GENTLE BREEZE`~ By DOROTHY COLLINS` *** `GORDIES`~*`POEMS BY SHROP LAD`* *** `POETRY`BY`PERCHANCE~*POETIC VERSES~ ROBERT L. JOHNSON` *** *~`HUD`~* *** `ROYSPOEMS`~*`POEMS FROM THE HEART`* *** `BRN2WRITE42691~*A PIECE OF MY MIND~ POEMS N PROSE`~`MANDI M.` *** *`ETHEREAL MOMENTS`~`SCOTT VINSON` *** *POETIC SOUNDS OF THE HEART`~`A CHILD OF THE KING`~`SEAN D. BUSSEY` *** *`HEART AND SOUL POETRY`POETIC2740`~`DEBBIE WAGONER` *** *`POETRY AND STORIES` `AUTHOR3877`~`ANNETTE WEXLER` *** *`MYSITECUBISMANDANIM`~`WILLIAM STEVENS` *** *`LANGUAGE OF ENCHANTMENT`~`DORIS/COUNTRYPOET` *** *`BOUQUET OF WORDS INSPIRATIONS LOVE HAVEN~`JUILETTE/WHITEDOVE` *** *`JANET'S PLANET~`AUTHOR3578` *** *`EDDIE~`POETRY`2231` *** *`DEAN~`POET3238`* *** *`DENNIS~`POEM223`* *** ******************************** `This is How `My Visit Poetry Site Requests` Was Born! *** `Special Thanks to Dean `Poet3238` for `treasured comments` on this poem` re`discovering it written in *2008* /we have been poetry friends since then` `Please Visit His Up-Dated Site ~ You'll be Glad You Did` `Be sure to say `MJ` sent you! `thanks!` `You can find his `Awesome Poetry Site` by clicking here: *`DEAN~POET3238`* Original:copyright *2008* ~*`Mary Jane's Poetry`*~

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