once upon a time

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Watching you fading away from me
Makes me think of all the times we spent apart.
How I wish we had those times back again.
Now I pray that you could stay.
Although, looking in your eyes I know, yes I know
You're at peace and fading way.

I'll hold you, kiss your loving eyes closed
Murmur a prayer knowing in my heart we'll be together again.
Loving one another, we shall not see each other for many a year
But I shall hold our memories dear.
In the morning, after the still of the night,
I'll whisper I love you, hearing you're final words
Echoing in my mind. It was so good to see you.

Memories will never fade away wee Liz.
They'll simply become bearable.
I know that tomorrow was promised to no one.
Though when I awaken each morning I wish you were there.
Goodbye for now. Listen as you gently fade away into the night
You shall hear my pray to you. Three simple words 'I love you'.

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