Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

Meal Time

Meandering the darkest roads
To smoke out the palpable truths
That ordain our sallow lives.

So notorious, the wh(0)res howl,
The hounds present a mirage
And we continue on...

Slaves magistrate the common,
Lustrate our hands and feet
From litigious heirs.

The kudize comes loud, jeopardizing
The safety, the walls we struggled to build.

Though impoverish, we fancy ourselves
Kings, an honorarium of plastic fingers
Throw fevered gibberish to our faces.

But once more we stand and fanfaronade
Our way to biting our own tongues.
Execrable, we bow our heads and move on.

They admit defeat, I'm more erroneous,
More erratic so I take to the sky to find my diffidence.

So delectable and celeritous, I walk away with only
A smile bracing my face together.


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Meal Time

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