once upon a time

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Here we are idle. Where do we go from here?

Years we spent in turmoil on a treadmill of living.

Busy, busy surviving, staying alive, looking after everyone.

We were surviving as we are expected to. Aren't we?

We made a choice. Nothing wrong with that.

Right one, wrong one. We did it, stayed the course.

What did all the busyness get you? A lot, a little?

Your piece of heaven or perhaps hell?

Whatever, you made the choice.

Gotta accept stepping into idleness.

Thinking, is this it? Answer, no.

Get up, go. Now it's your time, use it. Absorb the leisure.

Why stop being busy when you can keep on  keeping on.

It's the only way.
A life well lived is a life lived for yourself.

Live it for you and love the things you do.

Take time out and smell the coffee.

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