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Beau Manor Bacon Butties

it was typical November weather
grey overcast threatening sky
and all along the verges
the snow piled up high
Garats Hey Barracks,
not the new ones but the old
those small brick training huts
crowded dark and cold
but the morning Naafi break
was the highlight of the day
just a brief little march
not too far away

to the Beau Manor canteen
and what we all liked the most
brown sauced bacon butties
in thickly buttered toast
freshly cooked while you waited
the smells wafting through the air
so we were all salivating
just standing waiting there
you can take your gourmet chefs
with their individual styled cuisine
the creations of which at times
are like nothing  I've ever seen

give me a Beau Manor bacon butty
tender tasty thick and hot
in the mouth a piece of heaven
real squaddie food is what you've got
I bet that cook's in paradise
or some such ethereal land
serving up her masterpiece
to a waiting angel band
and doing it with aplomb
totally at her ease
after feeding hungry squaddies
any angel's easier to please

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Beau Manor Bacon Butties