once upon a time

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Homes razed by scorched earth policy
Pitiful the dramas carried out by mankind's inhumanity,
Warfare waged to appease egocentric minds
Planes, bombs, mayhem  the tools of war used with impunity,

Amidst all these sounds cannot be heard the cries of a child.
Cordite winds drifting across this cratered landscape
Hiding the ignominy of man's indifference to suffering.

Driven by blood lust, and so-called patriotism
Destroying that which  should in nature nurture,
His baser instincts are that of a new born child
Not hearing that which is cast aside in his quest for power?

Children cowering in fear and despair, crying for love
Needing and wanting to be held, not cast into mankind's hell
Lift up your hearts and silence the guns
You will hear the sound of love

Children saying please hold me, hug me,
Kiss me goodnight and tell me it's alright.
Sleep don't cry. All's well
If love is about the cries of a child are silenced

Let humanity claim a community of brotherhood
Stilling the cries of a child.

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