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she was a heavy breasted woman
I saw her nipples press
almost to poke through the material
of her yellow summer dress
and that dress clung so tightly
almost like a second skin
as though she'd had to struggle
to fit that body in

I couldn't see the outline
of any underwear
was convinced under the dress
her whole body was bare
she was tall and statuesque
moved with a style and grace
that certainly didn't fit
with that cheap drinking place

not the type of woman
to be drinking on her own
so I approached her table
so sick of being alone
and later on that night
she slid naked into my bed
and those firm heavy breast
supported my sleeping head

she was gone in the morning
only a trace of her perfume
hung in the air to prove she'd
ever been here in my room
that and my aching body
for I'd been so hard pressed
to  meet the needs of the woman
in that tight yellow summer dress

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