once upon a time

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Five to two, ten to one.
All good tips if your bet comes in
Though when it doesn't, let rip at the bookie.
Rage at the horse's. The course was wet.
It was hard going.
The gambler has many excuses.
Place your bet and hope it comes in.
Illusion of joy briefly pumps adrenalin to the brain.
Addiction not considered.
It's a only a punt, nothing wrong.
If it had of come in, ah ha,
We would have been quids in
But the family goes without.
There's always a next time in gamblers'minds.

Beaten dockets littering his feet typify wilful waste
Illustrating sad woeful want.
Glancing at the meet on the screen.
That looks like a sure thing
Jockey's the same one as in last race. Ah, but.

The gambler's philosophy, Ďah but'.
It's only a punt. It might win.
I'll not be broke. I'll pay my debts.
Until next time he hears it's a sure thing.
Got a good tip. Okay only a punt let it rip.

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