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When I  say `Good Morning` I mean to say:


~*~` GOOD MORNING `~*~

O-ffers us His
D-evotion to
M-ake us
O-bedient &
R-eady for a
N-ew day with Him.
I-nspire others please, and
N-ever forget
G-od loves you!

Jesus in Clouds

This is a `share` from a Greeting Card, circulating in `personal emails`.
with notice to pass along to friends!
`Article on bottom concerning `The Heart`~
is of my own writing!

by:Glenna M. Baugh

Jesus is no stranger in a faraway place
He is the wind that blows on our face
It is true we can't see the wind as it blows
But feel it around us and our heart knows.

Jesus is in our world, you see
The sky, the stars, and waves on the sea
All are constant reminders that He is near
Making His presence crystal clear.

Jesus hears every prayer we pray
With a mystic whisper we hear Him say
I am listening and understand
Walk with me and hold my hand.

Whether rich or poor, young or old
His love is ours to have and hold.
Believe in your heart He is your friend
This is one friendship time cannot end.
Glenna M. Baugh 1-19-08

Living by Faith "No One cares for us like Jesus,
He is the best friend we can have"
~Quote by Glenna~

~*~`With God All Things Are Possible`~*~
:the following is written by me:
`Mary Jane B`


~*~`The Heart`~*~

Our heart containing love is not our physical organ, which keeps us alive,
by pumping and circulating blood of life throughout our body.
It is our spirit and mind which feels love and compassion, in which we use
the term ~`heart`~to express our feelings whether it be happiness or sorrow.

As we are able to feel wind when it blows, but cannot see it, nor grasp it,
so is our spirit and mind, which we feel as emotions, it exists,
but not in matter form to see or grasp~, however we as individuals
are able to control it with the thinking power of our mind, contained in our brain,
a physical matter, which controls bodily movements and functions,
but as to the emotions of mind and spirit , the brain in matter form has no control.

The wind is the spirit of Jesus as He created it for us to feel,
the sun to give us warmth, the moon and stars for light and direction,
water for cleansing and sustainment of life .

If we were created in HIS Image and Likeness, as written in the Holy Bible~
then, our spirit is like the wind, we cannot see nor grasp it,  
(like the wind, we can feel it, as emotions of happiness, sorrow, anger or guilt,
love and compassion, etc.) but non the less it is there.

Therefore, if we believe that God is Creator, then spirit is heart, otherwise,
there is no love of heart, which we speak about as emotions,  as our physical organ,
the heart, contains no feelings of compassion, happiness, love, sorrow, anger,
or otherwise of our spiritual nature~ it's fundamental structure
strictly maintains the body in keeping it alive.

These are my very own thoughts and opinions on this subject matter of `the heart`~
Please feel free to disagree with me, if you wish,
all opinions would be considered as a learning process for me.

I write many poems concerning emotions of the heart, so I find it fascinating,
as a matter of topic to discuss, and just recently pondered the thought of why
we do use the term `heart` as one containing emotions, when actually
it is just a physical organ of the body.

I do believe in God, The Holy Trinity, and that mind, soul and body
were all created by God Almighty, so it's easy for me to accept
that mind, spirit and soul are the same, just as the `Holy Trinity`
is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!

Any comments in `feedback` will be appreciated,
Thanks, and God Bless You and Yours!

{retrieved from draft files}

`Mary Jane's Poetry`
`Never Ending Circle Of Love`

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