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This morning the sun shined brightly as it did then
Early fall breezes were gently blowing in the air
A fresh crisp type you wish would last all year long

I was out that morning delivering parts to our vendors
Some were going to be heat treated others to be plated
The type of day you liked while you were out driving

My cell phone rang and I answered it with a cheery hello
It was my company dispatcher she was very upset and crying
She said I had to return right away forget the deliveries

She said the owners wanted everyone to go home right away
I asked her what the hell was going on there I wasn't done
She started crying even louder then and said hurry back here

She asked if I had my radio on and I told her no asking why?
She said turn it on it doesn't matter which radio station
Everyone of them are broadcasting about the terrorist attacks

What attacks I asked her she said the twin towers in New York
Terrorist had flown planes into both towers and the Pentagon
Another one was over Ohio and turning back towards Washington DC

Terrorist hijacked airliners and are crashing them into buildings
I told her I was turning around to return and then called my wife
She answered her phone and said her company sent everyone home too

She said they wouldn't tell them why but to just go straight home
I said turn on your radio our country was being attacked right now
I say I had to go drop off my truck at work and to get my own car

I told her to call our two kids and to make sure they knew about it
As I was driving back to the shop I saw that people had pulled over
Some were gathered by the cars they were listening to the reports

Some people were terribly upset and were visibly crying and in shock
We glanced at each other while we waited for the traffic light to change
This was absolutely unthinkable that this would happen here in the USA

But I guess we should have known that sooner or later we would be hit
I just couldn't believe that it was by this method that they'd strike
To willing fly these airliners into building killing so many people

It was very shocking and far beyond anything that anyone would've thought
Then to see those tapes of the office workers jumping to their own deaths
Knowing that they had no chance to survive in that inferno so they jumped

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior - all rights reserved.

None of these people ever deserved to die such a horrible death no
matter what those terrorists political cause or vendetta was here
especially all the men, women and babies who were innocent victims
of this hideous and barbaric attack on September 11, 2001. The one
thing that has always stuck with me was watching the tapes of the
office workers who jumped to their deaths to avoid the flames and
that notes were found later in their pockets telling their loved
ones they didn't want to jump but the flames and smoke were more
than they could bear and by jumping at least their family would be
able to bury them rather than never finding their remains at all.

This is the original poem that I wrote on the first anniversary of the
9/11 terrorist attacks on our own country trying to describe all of the
events as they had happened on 9/11/2001. I had first posted it onto my
first site here which was called "Once A Warrior" and on
9/11/2006 on the fifth anniversary of the attacks, I chose later on to
close down my site on August 1, 2010 because of some very hateful and
mean spirited comments and messages from a few poets who are no longer
here. Later on after I had received many e-mails from other poets who
asked me to reconsider my decision and to please consider returning to I did reconsidered it and I reopened my site once again
3 months later with it's current title "Alwaysawarrior".


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