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Each year since 1995 they have gathered together
These former warriors from a time long passed by
Where as very young men in most cases they fought

They were very brave these warriors from the past
Where they had faced things others never would
For many it was their first time away from home

They had been quickly trained and shipped off
To defend another nation that was under siege
Communist soldiers & Viet-Cong attacked many

They were forcibly trying to take over power
Their southern neighbors had lived in peace
But the communist wanted to take this away

America had sent us over to South Vietnam
To train their military and to assist them
We tried to help maintain their own freedom

As everything began to escalate we fought too
Defending our bases and small outpost as well
These young warriors were now in Vietnam's War

They were greatly outnumbered in most battles
Yet they persevered through each attack faced
Their courage and gallantry was seen by all

Later on the politicians tired of this fighting
And after more than 58,000 young Americans died
They ordered them out and left Vietnam all alone

We who had fought for freedom never once wavered
We saw each day and night what would happen there
Yet they were ordered home and the rest is history

Since 1995 Air Force Security Policemen who fought
Have gathered each year to remember our brothers
Who fought bravely for freedom in South Vietnam

They gave everything they had including their lives
Freedom's never free there's a very high cost for it
Our brothers paid that cost many times in that war

This will be my very first reunion that I'm attending
I've been dealing with many emotions now from the past
I'll be reuniting with guys I haven't seen in 43 years

Our wives are going with us and that is a good thing
It's very important to me for her to meet these guys
If not for them my name might have been on the wall  

The Vietnam Security Police Association is our group
We were USAF cops who served in Vietnam & Thailand
I'm a Life Member and I'm extremely proud of them

We remember and we honor our own fallen brothers
As long as one of us is alive to honor all of them
They and their own efforts will never be forgotten

These gatherings give us a chance to see old friends
To recall not only the bad things we had faced together
But also for us to remember those good times we had too

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior - all rights reserved.

I am so proud to have been one of those who had stepped forward
and answered my nations call to defend freedom not just our own
but our allies too. It was an experience that taught me so many
lessons in my life, it taught me respect, compassion for those
who were innocent victims of the madness called war. People can
greatly change in war, they become cold, unfeeling or sometimes
it can cause a person to become indifferent to everyone around
them they can become heartless to everyone and everything, they
put up this wall around them blocking everything out.  For some
it has this other effect on them where they'll suddenly see that
they can not only help, but that they can make a difference too.
War is hell is not just a phrase, it's a fact of life and you'll
see and hear things in war that you'd never see anywhere else in
your lifetime. It can destroy you as a human being or it can and
will make you a much better and compassionate person, I'm still
trying hard to balance out all those feelings and emotions I have
from my time in war. But next month I will be able to thank many
of my fellow warriors for helping me to survive that experience
and for having over 42 years that I might not have had if not for
their courage, bravery and determination that we would all survive.


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