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 Treasure in a Dumpster

NOTE:  Some of the details are not completely accurate,
but this lady from my church said they did not matter
and she has given me permission to share.

(I shared this on October 2nd at Talent and Testimony
night at my church)

Based on a true story as told to me
Lessons for each one of us to see
Never dismiss what God will do
In little things through me and you

There it was right before her eyes
Boxes of brand new books but why
In a dumpster outside of a bookstore
She checked with the lady in the store

Sure, you can have them if you want
I have no room on my shelves to stock
Thank you, she sensed God had a plan
He would reveal it to her as only He can

Loading the boxes with all of her might
Suddenly God gave her divine insight
Women of Faith would soon be in town
As group leader she promotes it all around

What if she placed the books on Amazon
To buy tickets for those financially down
Making it possible for them to go this year
Encouraged by music and speakers they hear

God has blessed in the funds she has raised
He alone deserves all the honor and praise
Homeless shelter guests were able to attend
I also benefited, grateful for help it did lend

Carol S. August 2011

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