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The Journey

We're but strangers traveling this journey,
A journey given to us all
We can't help but go when  
the voice of God calls
But while we're here struggling and straining
in the pain
all through the traveling night
Hold on to the victory in your eyes
Or at least until you change the sight
A journey of stone
A journey of steel
Praying hard our little seeds would yield
Darkness has no mercy in our appeal
We've all heard of her fame
But God hasn't left us helpless or exposed
For in the dark path up springs a rose
in the storm and rain
with an illuminating light
This journey is the only way to
our true home
Don't worry if you fade from this glory
The angels of old are writing
down our heartfelt story
in an inspiring prose
Terror stands on the edge
trying to convince us to fold,
Waiting to write another allegory
But bittersweet is the picture painted
than the beginning plight

Copyrights 2011
Robert Anthony James

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The Journey