once upon a time

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Now that rascal of a dog started his antics again.
There I was trying to pacify the rascal by feeding him.
He just doesn’t seem to understand.
He's calibrating my tyres for a feed.
That's not the same as dog pellets.

Anyway I got the pellets, he ate them.
Then went back to calibrating my tire.
Now as I went to drive away the air in my
tyre went hissing out, and I thought I’m
Gonna kill that rascal for calibrating at the tire.
I got out of the car thinking he’d ate the tyre.

Turns out there’s a nail in the tyre.
I pulled it out went to get back in the car
But the rascal of a dog
Not only was he calibrating at the tire.
He was actually salivating.
Now I thought that’s it, kill the rascal!
I went to get my gun when who arrives but the postman with a letter.

Now postmen always arrive with letters
But I just wanted to kill the rascal of a dog.
Okay, okay, forget the rascal.
I'll kill him after I read the letters.
It’s funny the way forgiveness can enter your life.
One minute I'm gonna kill the rascal.
Then I read the letter.

It’s telling me about a check for 721 pounds from the taxman.
I looked at the rascal.
Of course he’s salivating whilst calibrating at the tyre.
You know forgiving is easier when you have 721 pounds.
The rascal got spared.
Strange that forgiving thing is easier when you have a few pounds.

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