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Why we served our nation is a mystery to some and to many
of our detractors who love nothing more than to trash our
names, our service and they take real pleasure in calling
us murders and baby killers for having the courage to step
forward and serve our nation and her citizens. I feel some
sadness in my heart that they have such cold bitter hearts
and souls that lead them to actually say the things about
us that they have said. Somewhere in that vast vacuum that
is called their brain, they must know what the alternative
would have been in life for them and their families if we
the warriors of our nation had refused to fight and defend
all of you, we went and we fought to keep you safe and free
from our enemies throughout history who wanted to kill or
enslave you and your family and your ancestor's in all of
the wars we fought to maintain freedom for all of you. Now
they use that freedom and those rights to trash those of us
who stood up and answered the call to defend the freedom of
not only our citizens but also those of our allies and the
free world nations as well, they are now fighting two wars
at the same time to help keep other nations free too.

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior - all rights reserved.

We have served our nation in times of wars, conflicts and
in peace time, it's when the wars and conflicts occur that
we will give up our lives and our own futures to ensure you
will always have your freedom and your own futures to live
your lives with peace and freedom even if it takes our own
lives and futures from us and those who loved us.

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