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 Value of Time

More precious than a mountain of riches;
As long as you know the finite deadline.
Quality of moments spent increase in value
As the end of this journey looms nearer.
Is that cigarette worth 45 seconds?
Yes, each and every one has a price.
Would you spend 100 days to be with
Your fantasy lover? Or would reality set in?
A new car costs 23 days, a hot dog 25 seconds.
Each and everything costs you with heartbeats.
Limits imposed. Each action has a cost.
The value of time.

Giving of your precious time to help another;
Would it cease? Would you greedily hoard every second?
Or would you begin to see the value of the moment
Not in the very number of ticks remaining,
But in the quality of each tick, the love contained?
Ponder the present moment of your life, this very second.
Open your heart to see the value of your life.
It is not in the number of years your life contains,
Neither is it in the mountains of riches attained.
Look deeply into your heart and see the peace;
See the giving, the gratitude; most of all, see the love.
The value of time.



Inspired by a trailer for the new movie
In Time

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