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I could never be a politician,
though I can act.
Smile when instructed.
Memorize stage right, stage left.
Peer into the camera, then emote.
Be sin-serious, rhapsodize, succinctly speak in fine prosaic econo-wise,
But when it came to telling real lies,
that would be a trick that this dog couldn't lick
This body was not made for Politik.
But when it comes to writing,
its a different song...I can fabricate
elaborate, elucidate, enumerate
all day long and never get bored with it.
Or blush for shame.
There's a big difference between prevaricating
and utilizing ones imagination.
Lying in a book is usually all in fun (based on some fact.)
while lying in a election campaign takes a lot of tact.
The author is praised for all his fine skill.
The unskillful politician will never reach
Capitol Hill.
Go figure,
both fabricators, both embroiders on what
passes for the truth.

Copyright November 2, 2011 All Rights Reserved By Author
Melissa A Howells/Meloo of Tilt-a-World



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