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 Halloween '11

The earth turns down summer's sheets;
A warm comforter now the chill defeats.
Leaves falling at another Summer's end;
The veil is thin tonight; let us transcend.
 Stillness is in night carried on the breeze;
Halloween is here; naked are nature's trees.

Stripping off Summer's shades of green;
The rhythm of life cycles open the unseen.
Feel the closeness of those now departed;
A walk tonight is not for the fainthearted.
Feel the tiny hairs on your flesh raise stiff;
Halloween takes me to the edge of the cliff.

I can see the gulf between life and death;
Boiling in the cauldron, it takes my breath.
Mixtures of herbs, ancient wisdom reveals;
Come into the circle, for this potion heals.
Another harvest is safe in the storeroom;
Halloween ends a year from natures womb.

Tradition has children going door to door;
Scary creatures, blood, guts, and gore.
But Samhain is a night of peace with life;
Remembering our ancestors, releasing strife.
Peace as you venture out on this night;
For Halloween opens our eyes with sight.


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