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1957 was the year
When the sap started to rise.
We saw our contemporary girls
Change shape before our eyes.
They seemed to get rounder
And we could see on each chest
The gentle little outlines of
Slowly budding breasts.
And some of our mixed games
We no longer played very much
For it was no longer allowed
To wrestle and to touch.
And they seemed to change
As changeable as the weather
No longer mixed groups but
Mainly just the girls together.
And we boys struggled
With teenage spotty faces
And embarrassment of hair
Growing in once bare places.
And at times the problems,
And at times the shame
Of testosterone moods though
We didn't ever know the name.
The older boys' jokes
And growing up fears
Yes 1957 was,
all in all, quite An Eventful year.

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