once upon a time


What War?

Nobody mentioned a war.
What war? Where and when did it happen?
Here. Where's here? Norn Ireland.
That wasn't a war, that was the troubles.
Forty years - men, women and children killed.

It was not a war. No, it was only the troubles.
Troubles for the people living here.It was war.
Don't be silly. Prisoners of war?
There were none, only terrorists
locked away for their own good.
Okay, let's see if I understand you.
You say there wasn't a war?

Now all the bombs, all the killings,
they were normality? Okay, forty years of
trouble, no war. I see, or do I? Nope,
don't think I do. Explain about H blocks.
Explain about ten men dead on hunger strike.
Explain to me about women in Armagh jail.
Please, I'm waiting for you to explain.

Silence! You can't explain.
Strange all down the years of the Troubles
The government were quick to explain all their killings.
But, as you exclaimed, it was never a war.
Only a little bit of 'trouble'on the streets
of Norn Ireland. Now I understand.

It was only a hiccup in imperialism.
Please can you explain why
the factors that necessitated
the war still exist today?
The border is still there!  

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