once upon a time

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Looking at the photo of you and me dancing together ten years ago.  
The oneness of you, holding you close made me complete.
The night you came to call all I did was laugh at you.
Now looking down all the lost years, I know you
understand why I say the joke's on me.

Serious tears wasted today, when I should have
spent all the years laughing with you, not at you., stupid youth perniciously aloof.
Would that I could, take back the short time I laughed with you.
Too late, you passed away, that’s why I say the joke's on me.
Now I kiss your memory and ruefully reflect on all the time wasted..

You were an angel then and I know today you’re an
angel in heaven, holding me in your arms.
How did I miss the beauty in your mind?
Looking up at the photo of you dancing with me forever in time - the joke's on me.
I shall love forever the simplicity of you being you.
Where do I go from here?  I know there shall never be another you.
I’ll accept you’re soaring aloft laughing,
waiting for me at heavens gate..xxxxxxxxxx

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