once upon a time


We live life frantically
thinking 'is this all there is?'
Rarely do we stop and to think
There may be others worse off than us.
Such lateral thinking rends us unable
to care and share emotionally.
This notion of self becomes all pervasive.

Believing only that our lives
are fraught with difficulties.
Take a step back.
Look at your neighbours,
See the parallels.
All of us existing in
harmonious discord and believing
This is only happening to me.
How can that be?
We all live in our one world.
Inevitably, if time you take time to
speak with your friends
Then you shall see that you
are walking a well trodden path.
One where liberty from self comes from
sharing and caring for others.

This frenetic race leads only to ashes
Whilst looking for and demanding glory.
Walk in the path of love.
It's the one true treasure in your life.
Although it too can be fraught with difficulties.
To love and to be loved
saves us from ourselves.
Slow down, slow way, way down.
This life is for
caring and sharing in love and peace.

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