once upon a time 

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Have to go away now can’t pay my way.
wrapped up my life, memories stored away
 they happened yesterday. Sorry, but today and forever after
This space is empty anything that you say
I shan’t be here to listen to you,

Sadness trails me setting out once again to start over.
Maybe cross an ocean won’t be on a schooner
all sails billowing. No it will be on a tramp steamer
all I can do is, say sorry gotta go can’t pay my way.
Lived a good life raised a family, we had it all.
Love, compassion, joy and faith, but now the kidsare grown.
My wife, the cornerstone of our life passed away.

Sorry for our children banks foreclosed on their memories of
Family barbeques, The open road beckons.
It will be a hard road to roam won’t be another home sweet home.
one where I can lay my head. Of into this world once again,
gotta be strong now, wee bit older to go a roaming.
Sorry this space is empty now, I can’t pay my way.

All I can do is help anyone i meet, say hello.
hold out my hand saying okay this
space may be empty now, but let’s fill it with our memories,
talking and a walking it’s a free road.
No one can foreclose on a friendship forged
on the open highway.

one for the aussiepoet/sorry this space is empty

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