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Our Tracey

Tracey is one of that wonderful team of carers who have made our lives easier and added back some dignity to my wife in her illness.   This is a thank you to her and all the girls in the carer teams.   It also to celebrate her marriage, and is published with her permission.

our Tracey's getting married
down in Marylebone they say
she says its residence purposes but us
believe an ASBO sent her all that way
all police leave has been cancelled
cos a yorkie lass is going to town
and they are all just a bit worried that
she might burn the blooming place down

the registry office was ringed
with an elite fully armed guard
cos they know that yorkies in London
can play so bloody hard
the fire brigade was on stand by
the army and air force too
all specially trained for the purpose
of our Tracey's wedding do

The registrar was chosen
for his cool mind and nerve
ready to conduct that wedding
with a northern style and verve
Buckingham Palace provided an escort
to send her off on her way
and they all sighed with relief after
our Tracey's London wedding day

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Our Tracey