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Eternal Father-The Benefactor

Supreme the benefactor has come
To awaken the light inside your mind,
To remove all the darkness from your mind,
And to create a better world,filled with
Happiness, love, peace, & bliss.

Benefactor reminds us to remember the Supreme,
Remember him through introspection,
We have to make effort and
Have faith in Supreme- the Benefactor,
We are the child & father Supreme, loves us,
Inculcate good virtues and become like father.

Father has come to do the unlimited service,
Father has to transform the hell into heaven,
To create the new world  and he holds our hand,
To take us with him to the newly established world,
where peace,love,joy,and bliss exists,
and people live happily ever after.

We are the deities, and  We will come to live
And  build new palaces in the river bank,
Gradually,we grow in numbers and the
Golden age is established with peace,love, and joy

Adikaran 03/08/09