~~Words From The Heart~~

Let's work it out

There so much I want to say,
but when I close my eyes it just
goes away. When I sit here my mind
began to wonder. Thinking back on that
summer. The summer when we first met.
We couldn't stand each other, but some
how we click. We was something back then
holding each other days on end. The love we
had was so pure and breath taking. Where did
that love go?  Some way some how we need
to find it and work it out. The fire went out at
some point. We just need to know what we
really want. Let's just start communicating
a lot more. Oh how we had such a love affair,I
don't want it to go up in the air. People love to
see when your relationship is in discomfort and
despair. So let's make this love last for many
many more years. Let's make it a blast!

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