once upon a time

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One thing about the net, the internet,
not a fishing net, is that you meet interesting
people on there. Take this wee girl Jodie,
now haven’t met her in the flesh, so to speak.
But this internet reaches out across the miles.

When you glance out the window at night, the
starlight reminds you of Jodie. All because
satellites whirling amongst the ebony sky
are linking you to her. Far away across the great divide,
the moon shall rise and you know Jodie shines bright.
The sky at night links us through the starlight.
There is no here and there anymore.

Shush, I know what you think, it cannot be true.
Touch a button, and there is light in the darkness.
Through the sky at night we can dance and glide,
all thanks to a source called the internet. Jodie is
sitting looking at the same moon. Thank you God,
you gave man the intellect to invent the net.

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