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without you

without you
too many shoulders shrugged
too many babies never hugged
too many answers never sought
the Manchester train never caught
Christmas dinners go uncooked
holiday trips never booked
food just has an ashy taste
far too much gone to waste
don't much bother to comb my hair
I still talk to you but you're not there
rubbish bins always full of trash
I seem to have too much cash
Frankfurt airport unexplored
incoming calls just ignored

so many things
I'll no longer do
just wouldn't be the same
doing  them without you

without you
how am I to live my life
never again to kiss my wife
I'll bring you flowers sit and talk
think of you as I walk
you told me to move on
all I can think is  you are gone
I'll try to do as you said
keep you alive in my head
meet the world arms open wide
don't let them see I'm crying inside
too many days of tears and pain
too many days full of rain
too many words left unsaid
too much space in our bed
without you

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without you