Adikaran's Poetry


I often wonder why ladies like diamond rings,
Diamond necklace,diamond pendants,
the list goes on.

Diamonds are colorless precious stone,
And it is a very expensive stone,
Diamond, the name derived from
a Greek word means invincible.

When you cut the sides in shape,
it shines more and it is a brilliant stone.

Diamonds are made from carbon,
It is a hard mineral, often colored
with impurities, and changes its color,
to yellow,orange.brown,blue and black.

Diamonds are very expensive to buy,
But if you want to sell you get nothing,
Compared to the price you gave it at
the time of purchase.

Can't the ladies  be wise to understand the value of it,
and think twice before they purchase it,
But I cannot blame them because
it is very beautiful and a brilliant piece.


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