once upon a time

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Let's talk about times past.
Good time of the year to reminisce.
Imagining all the moments we spent
talking, we made happen.
After all, it's only about yesterday.

Golden moments when we held
a smile in our hearts. Now a good time to
see if we still are that youth, or wee girl
who flirted at street corners. Debonair we
carried ourselves with flair, opened and held
doors for that special wee girl. That darling
love that we imagined wouldn't, couldn't end.

Now at years end, and looking beyond this past
Year. The real love stayed as a partner in life's
turmoil's. Have no fear you know I love you, I'm
only thinking about times past, at the close of
another year. Our memories are held as a smile.
You will live forever in my heart.

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