once upon a time

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I try to keep dreaming on,
Enjoying the challenge of putting pen to paper.
Words won’t bring me gold nor silver.
They’re there to be enjoyed.
Read them in dismay or laughter.
They’re my thought and dreams.

They're laid down upon paper in the early morn
Neither meant to be profound or wise.
Take them as you find them.
They're only there to clear my cluttered mind.
Tis a sad day it will be if we all stop dreaming.
I won’t challenge or demand.
I'm just hoping you read them and say,
I’ll put my dreams on paper today.
Dream along with me and we shall see the stars and sigh.

It’s the only way to find answers to questions.
We wander happily in dream time.
Never setting out to hurt anyone.
Setting dreams on paper.
Finding ways to say hold my hand,
and we shall walk through a happy haze of dreams
As I said before,neither profound nor wise, only dreaming on.

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