once upon a time

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Is this it? I was always a working man.
Look at me now, retired and reflective.
Not the way I wanna be.
Although, all in all not badly of.
I've a few broken dreams, no big deal.
That goes with the territory.

Right, I’m asking the question of myself.
I can’t help but wonder if this
is where dreams end or begin.
Up to me. many thoughts I've thought
upon places to go.
Cash impediment is my biggest drawback.
Oh heck! I believe in getting out.

It's no good moaning and a groaning.
Gotta start working again.
Ignore the pains and age
can do what it's gotta do.

This plan might not work;
At least it’s a start.
It's useless sitting here
like some old fart fading into obscurity.
I’m a long way from broken.

I refuse to become a token old guy.
That’s the question we’re asking.
Do we sit and vegetate
waiting on the coffin.
No! We get up and go anywhere
and find the money somewhere..

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