Adikaran's Poetry

Star Children

Last week we were talking about
the different kinds of children.
One of the ladies asked me
Do you know anything about Indigo children?
I set out to find out more.

I think I was born as  one of the star children
In this world because my mother use to tell me
that  my character was different from the other children.
I possess extra sensory abilities and like to
follow the spiritual path in my life.

Rainbow children were born for humanity to evolve.
I call my sister a rainbow child
because she brings harmony and joy
in everyone's life.

Indigo children are incarnating to the earth
for the last hundred years.
My  daughter is an indigo child and she possess
the features of an indigo child.
Indigo children are born with amazing abilities
They came with a purpose,
They need to know the truth
and like to change the tradition.

Crystal children appear to come
to the planet for the last twenty years.
I think my grandchild comes in this group.
The main purpose of these children
are to take us to the next level
of our evolution and reveal to us
our inner and higher power.
They are the supporters
for love and peace in the planet.
They show us the path of inner consciousness  
They believe in the universal consciousness.

Author notes
These are the new souls who come from the new world according to the time.Star children were the first. Then the rainbow children came to the planet. For the last 100 years the indigo children arrived and then the crystal children were incarnated to the earth to change the world into a new word. They are on the planet for the last 20 years. This is what I believe.These souls are pure souls coming to planet, as the messenger of God.

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