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A Letter to my mother

Dear Mum,
I am writing this letter to you,
To make sure you are healthy,
I hope you are enjoying your life.
I just wanted to tell you,
That i love you a lot.

I enjoyed my Christmas,
with my family and friends,
I cooked for all of them,
What I learned from you.

My dear mother,
I loved  you all my life.
You were my guru,
my teacher & friend,
I took the path which
you showed me,  when
I was a child.

I diligently did everything,
as per your instructions.
You made me a nice human being,
I do not have a lot of money,
But, I have a warm heart filled with love,
I can share that with everyone.

I gave this love to my friends and family,
In return, I got abundance of love from them,
It was an unforgettable experience,
And all the credits go to you,mother,
Who is everything for me,
I love you mother and please take care,
With all the warm wishes from your daughter.

Author notes
This I wrote for a contest.But it is the true relation  between my mother and me. I love my mother for making a person who I am today. My mother was a single mother
Gave me all the guidance and taught me all the values in life.I hope my mother gets my letter in heaven butI am not sure of her address.